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The closing of ranks

It is the first Tuesday of March 2013 and what has happen since New Year’s Day?

Mirth has left my care. Mirth left the employment of my social landlords on bad terms. I do not have the full details, Mirth had been happy that she secured a full-time position with a regular income after an extended period on welfare, what caused Mirth’s sudden departure is an open secret amongst the staff of my now anti-social landlords. Mirth’s last home visit lasted three minutes in which time she castigated me and sided with the rude social worker, a one-time thirteen minute long encounter in October last year. Mirth’s siding felt like a closing of the ranks.

Mirth in December, stood-up for me, on the news that rude social worker had performed an assessment. He had not. Mirth argued my case on the grounds rude social worker failed to complete any paperwork in October, she knew because she was there, by his side. However rude social worker has falsely filed an assessment. Rude social worker had failed on the day to do the basics of: telling me his name, what he was, and why he was visiting me at my home. The first six minutes of the thirteen we all talked at cross-purposes. Like rugby, if one fails to master the basics, the harder stuff becomes nigh impossible.

Mirth has been replaced with Mirthful.

Mirthful appears to be competent. Mirthful on Friday 1st of March spoke with my GP. My General Practitioner trotted out the line I have been offered appointments with psychiatrists which I hadn’t taken up. (I’ll write more on this below). Mirthful passed on my request to be referred to the West End Community Mental Health Team. My GP, correctly advised that any referral to the West End CMHT has to come via her, my GP. A GP is medically and legally responsible for their patients. Mirthful relayed the message that I would have to speak to my GP directly. Fortuitously, I had already made an appointment to see my GP. One those appointments where one waits two-whole-weeks to be granted a ten-minute audience with one’s GP. It is not an appointment I’m looking forward to, for the last time I saw my GP, she shouted at me.

Those who have read my post “picking up an appointment”, will be aware Dr Mike Crawford a consultant psychiatrist based at the Waterview Centre, London W9 wishes to have an audience. On Thursday the 13th December 2012 I was told Dr Mike Crawford only works at the Waterview Centre on Wednesdays, the receptionist could not supply me with an appointment because Dr Crawford’s diary was elsewhere, and they, the Waterview Centre would be in touch in the New Year. They failed to call me in January.

Monday 18th February 2013 I call the Waterview Centre, rather than going to voicemail, for the first time my call is answered. I speak to the Scottish lady whose soft voice is on the Centre’s answerphone. The Scottish receptionist immediately acknowledges that all my correspondence from the 29th February 2012 onwards had been sent to the wrong address. No apology is given, just a statement of fact. No offer of an immediate appointment. No offer of an appointment period. Dr Crawford is away on a two-week holiday, which would indicate he has a family, it is half-term break at London schools.

The soft-spoken Scottish receptionist explained the Waterview Centre is for people with personality disorders. And the catchment area is the whole of the City of Westminster and the neighbouring borough, Kensington and Chelsea. She further explains it is only a small unit with a very, very, long waiting list and that treatment takes a long time. Contrary to my GP’s claim, in the whole of 2012 and up to the beginning of March 2013, no offer of an out-patient appointment has been made in my psychiatric care. If this is happening to me, who else is this happening too?


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