Last Minute Adjustment – Little Wing

When I’m sad she comes to me, a thousand smiles she gives to me.

A call to Woodfield Road, W9 revealed this info: my 2 ABT Workers will be picked on the day in that morning’s “clinical meeting” from who’s available from a makeshift list of four disciplines – nurses, occupational therapists, psychiatrists and social workers; my assessment will be “up to 60 minutes long”; and my paper medical records have been requested from an off-site storage depot.

It brought back memories of my old Community Mental Health Team and the futility of calling between 9 am and 11 am when “the team” went for their morning “meeting”. Officially it was a 9 to 5 organisation although in the afternoon the social workers frequently clocked off at 4 pm and on Fridays “after lunch”.

Not to mention the receptionists who at lunchtime took the long way home. Telling no lies made me a happy man. (Abreaction therapy via Sodium Amytal and its close neighbour Sodium Pentothal)


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