The Kings of Pain

Have you heard the story of the young woman who was coping with life? She had a conversation with ‘the mental health professionals’ and is now being cared for as a self-harmer.

Another supervision session with my analyst. The mood is more intense than a simple good-natured chat. He questions the purpose of my visiting Woodfield Road, W9, an establishment with people where there is no therapeutic relationship. Maybe they look upon their role as just an administrative relationship, however, since I was asked questions on my childhood trauma of being in a burning building by persons completely unaware of the history, it has to be assumed they consider they are offering a version of therapy. Therapy with a line of questioning that can bring repressed trauma back to the surface then fails to dissipate the feelings before the patient is cut adrift.

That’s the thing about seeing an analyst, the pair of you analyse past events, and today it is the flaws of NHS psychiatric care. If, or potentially, trauma has been brought to the surface, before leaving the consulting room a process of decompression should always be observed. Did Rohini and Aaron observe a process of decompression? No. After a quizzing on trauma by placing me back in a burning building ‘the mental health professionals’ upped the ante by going headstrong into a risk assessment of suicidal intent. All risk assessments themselves carry an element of risk. The risk being the patient may come out the other side worse off than when they went in by exacerbating a heighten emotional state. Legally, a risk assessment is carried out with the consent of the patient. No consent, no risk assessment. Rohini, the Community Psychiatric Nurse could not resist the temptation of performing a risk assessment near the end of yesterday’s appointment, presumably because it formed part of her training, for certain, it forms part of the on-the-job training of Aaron, the trainee social worker. It is not with the benefit of hindsight that I can say these things, I am such an old hand of using psychiatric services I express these misgivings of insensitivity in the consulting room, but. . .

The ‘but’ being; the accumulative effect of encounters like yesterdays have taken their toll. My behaviour has altered and there appears to be nothing in the arsenal of the NHS to correct the damage inflicted by the NHS, for no-one ever admits fault, one error is piled upon another error, until such time the patient is so damaged that he is neurotic to point of not functioning or even self-harming. My analyst compared my experiences with the NHS to a song by the Kings of Leon: terribly repetitive and no grip.


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  1. Liam well done on getting analysed. I wouldn’t like it, prefer to analyse myself. But it will be useful I think to have someone hear what you have to say, as in a witness, I suppose. A record of the damage done by those purported to be “experts” in psychiatry.

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