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Bringing Up Baby

Has Norman Tibbet been reincarnated? The Little Fat Fellow had a home visit by the crisis resolution team and Fiona, a white South African lady whose medical discipline is unknown, persuaded him to take a job. Aside from the obvious question: is the NHS a job creation service for Africans? What does Fiona think she is doing telling a sufferer of severe and enduring mental illnesses to get a job? He’s been known to psychiatric services for twenty-four years. Did she overlook the fact he’s prescribed seventeen pills a day? Did she take no account of the complications of his anti-psychotics which have left him with both diabetes and chronic leukaemia? Fiona claims she knows patients who take medication and are able to hold down a job. Some would say ‘don’t trust Africans, they’ve let you down before and they are known for flights of fancy’. The Little Fat Fellow’s qualifications? He is articulate and intelligent. The Little Fat Fellow selected a Fund Manager as a position he would consider, but being pragmatic, he acknowledges that his experience and knowledge means he is more suited to a role as a Road Sweeper. Beep, Beep.


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